I was sitting at my desk, frustrated with what was on my screen. It didn’t matter how much I played around with the landing page format, I just couldn’t get it to where I wanted it to be.

I had wasted hours trying to create something unique only to be restrained by the limits of the landing page software. At this point I was ready to throw in the towel.

Who needs a squeeze page, nobody downloads ebooks anyway? I figured I was beating a dead dog.
Have you ever found yourself in the same situation?

You’ve probably given up on using landing pages because they take so much time and commitment. Not to mention setting up an email autorespnder to actually send the person the thing they opted in for in the first place. And then what are you supposed to do with all those email addresses anyway?

Do you have a database choc full of emails, but the thought of actually writing to those people makes you cringe?

I know how you feel. I was the same way.

About 6 months ago, I found myself head of marketing for my husband’s business. He already had landing pages and lead magnets in the form of e-books. He was using a software called LeadPages and was sending people to his landing pages usually through an email.

I didn’t like LeadPages. I found it very clumpy and not user friendly, particularly for someone who’d never used anything like this before.

It was then that I went on a journey of discovery. I devoted all my time to learning everything I could find on using leadmagnets, landing pages, funnels, email marketing and Facebook ads.

I discovered an entire underground tribe, where people are passionate about building funnels and growing their businesses – and they are making millions of dollars. There’s even a club called ‘the two comma club’, for people who have made 1 million dollars from only one funnel!

I wanted to be part of this world and I had found a software that was going to help me get there.



If you can create the right Facebook ad and target the right audience, if you have a leadmagnet that people want and the right landing page to entice those people to give you their information, then you can have an unlimited amount of NEW LEADS every single day.

Obviously there are a lot of things that can go wrong in the example above. The wrong ad will cost you money. The wrong leadmagnet will discourage people from seeing the value you offer. The wrong landing page will have people clicking away without leaving their information, and what you do with that information could make the difference between you looking for customers and customers looking for YOU!

So let me break it down for you;

Facebook Ads:

These are sponsored ads which you can have appear in your target markets Facebook feed. You can be as targeted as you like. Think of your customer as an individual person, what do they like, who do they follow, what are their interests etc? Remember that Facebook is a social platform, so don’t use sales speak, but more of a personal friendly tone. You must give them a reason to click – this is where your lead magnet comes in.


This is something valuable you are going to give away for free. If you own a store, this could be a percentage off coupon. If you are a coach or trainer it could be a short training video or cheatsheet. Whatever you decide, it must be valuable enough to get your prospect to hand over their email in exchange. Remember, people have become sick of being sold to and are very protective of their information these days, so it has to be worth it.

Landing Pages:

Landing pages or squeeze pages are really just a simple one page website with one goal and that is to capture peoples information, usually a name and email address, in exchange for something of value. You do not connect this to your website or have navigation links at the top of the page. The whole idea is to give the viewer one option or one call to action. They either opt in or they leave. You can easily install this page on your WordPress website as a single landing page or use a custom domain of your choice. The best landing pages have high quality video, photos, copy and a call to action button.

Email Marketing:

So what do you do with all these emails you collect? Well these are your potential customers! They have already shown an interest in you or your product. They are what we call warm prospects. They are likely to open and read your emails, so make sure you send them your best stuff. Let them be the first to know about new products. Offer them exclusive deals. Make them feel like they are part of a community. Try to instill a FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. The more the get to know and trust you, the more likely they are to becoming raving fans and these are the best customers we could ever wish to have. Why? Because they will promote you to their friends and family for FREE!



So there you have the essence of a funnel. Imagine if you could grow your email list by 100 leads every day. What would that do for your business?


If you feel you need help with any of the tips above you can contact me on my Facebook business page Business Pipeline Masters.
If you would like to check out Clickfunnels they do a free 14 day trial which you can get here Clickfunnels Free Trial.


Written by Caitriona Cohen
Marketing Specialist
Business Pipeline Masters