I recently had a discussion with a client around hiring a new machine operator, and we were building the job description when my client freaked out and said “But I Do That!”

Now I could talk all day about Superman Syndrome but on this occasion, I took a more traditional view.

There is a saying in business, “Saving a wage can cost a business a fortune”. Simply put, every time a business owner does a job that they can hire someone to do, they are costing themselves and their business.

The logic behind this is really, really simple. The business owner’s job is to work ON the business, not IN it.

For all the time a business owner might spend doing jobs in the business, they are sacrificing work that can be done on their business. Not only that, by training a new recruit with how it should be done – according to your HOW TO system, they take a fresher, more enthusiastic approach which can often lead to a quicker or neater finished product!

Remember, the job of the business owner is to build and grow the business, because if a business isn’t growing it’s dying.

There needs to be a plan to constantly grow the business and it’s the business owner’s job to come up with the plan and implement it. As the business grows and evolves, we add more dedicated people to the mix.

The business owner has to oversee the entire operation, not micromanage individual duties, we make sure we train our staff and create a winning team culture. I can see you reading this and thinking – No, I’m not like that, BUT I’ve worked with hundreds of Earthmoving Companies and I can tell you the ‘Superman/Chaos’ mentality is strong, doesn’t matter if it’s a sole operator or a company with 200+ staff.

A lot of the time business owners might say they can’t afford to hire more people, but in reality they can’t afford not to.
If a business can afford half of a possible employee’s salary, they should hire them. They will find the rest of that salary easily – especially if the opened up time was used to work on your ‘Pipeline’ (amazingly a sore point with too many business owners).

Each employee is an investment in the business and it is the business owner’s responsibility to make sure they get a return on that investment. Part of that return on investment is the fact that the business owner is freed up to work ON the business, not IN it. Of course, hiring should never be rushed. If it’s handled too quickly, it can lead to major issues that can severely handicap the business.

Here’s a few quick tips to make life easier in this Growth period –
  1. Define Your Vision – Yes it sounds corny, BUT what attracts players to certain footy teams? That’s right, it’s the Vision of the Club and Coach. In Business terms, it’s the Vision of the Business owner that attracts the best staff! Questions to ask include – Where do I want the Business to be in 5 years time? What jobs do I want to specialize in? How many staff do I want to have? What machinery range will I have?
  2. Defining your Company Culture – Only after your vision is defined, can we pinpoint the activities, habits and acceptable behaviors required to achieve that vision. Let’s quickly look at the All Blacks, the vision of the All Blacks is to be ‘The Greatest Team in the History of the World’. Pretty big shoes to fill when you think about other great sporting teams over time like the Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers, USA Dream Team at the 92 Olympics, QLD State of Origin teams from 2006 – 2013 and many other teams in world sport! So to accomplish that vision, there needs to be certain points of culture attributed to all players of the All Blacks, these points are lived and breathed by all the staff and playing group. At ActionCOACH, we have 14 Points of Culture that we live by and if you’d like to see them to reference, make sure you contact me and I’ll send them on!
  3. Know your Targets – One surefire way to ensure you don’t go back to micro-managing is to Know Your Numbers! This is where most business owners fall down. What’s your Breakeven? What’s your Profit Target? AND What Jobs are in the Pipeline? Our Pipeline has to be treated with the utmost respect – to the point where we know all sales for the next 3 months minimum! The reason business owners fall down here is they don’t want to face what the numbers say, but doing the hard yards to ensure the numbers & pipeline are healthy ensures the long term success of the business. For our Breakeven Calculation Formula, contact me and I’ll be sure to send it on and help you through it!
    Proper planning, Goal Setting & Vision for the business you’re creating is a major factor to overcoming ‘the norm’ in this Industry.

The question is – What do you want to achieve?

If you’re looking to increase sales, improve processes, free up more time and build an unbeatable team, give me a call on 0421 063 900 and I’ll run you through what we can do!