* Step 1: Where’s The Time Going?
Complete a time audit

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The Earthmovers Time Recovery System
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Discover my Exclusive Step by Step Training to
“The Earthmovers Time Recovery System”

Tools are only as good as your ability to know how to use them.

In this training I reveal my step by step solution that has regained countless hours of lost time to spend however you like, with no loss of income whilst also increasing profits so you never have to worry about having to constantly be onsite to generate income to support your family.

The Anatomy Of The Earthmovers Time Recovery System

In this accelerated training you will discover…

Time Audit

Before we save 5 hours a week, you need to know where your time is going.
I will show you how to complete a Time Audit will so you will know how long your spending on the right & wrong activities!
This will set you on the right path to maximising your time during the week.

Default Diary

Thanks to the Time Audit, we know where and what you were spending time on.
Here I will show you how to clamp down on your activities and ensure YOU are focused on building a business, not operating a machine the majority of the week, resulting in you working ON your business instead of in your business.

Utilise Technology

Every system that’s implemented is designed to make life easier for the business owner. For the Earthmoving Industry, there are specialist pieces of project management software designed for this specific industry.
Here I show you how to do a workflow audit which will identify key which processes need to be more efficient.

Leverage Your Accounts Person

90% of small business owners either are late OR forget to Invoice their clients!
Reason being they leave it until the last thing at night to Quote!
I will show you the 6 key things your accounts team needs to be doing to unblock your cashflow.

Special Bonus – Downloadable Worksheets

I also went ahead and have given you the downloadable worksheets I give my clients (one for tracking time and the other for tracking activity) so you can literally pinpoint where you are losing time….. ZERO Guess Work…
This is a $197 value that you get free as part of the training…

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