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Increase Profits 30% in Under 90 Days!

The Osmium Program
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“I’ve Graduated The Osmium Program And Our Business Has Grown A Whopping 400% In Profits So Far!

We Are Even Going To Duplicate Our Business Model, It Has Improved That Much!”

Vanessa F
Goulburn, NSW

The Only Business Program For Earthmoving Companies

Inside The Osmium Program you get ALL the strategies and personal interaction with Wayne Cohen for immediate business increase with ease.

If you would like to speak with Wayne to see if this course is right for you schedule a call here.

Get MORE Out Of Your Business


What Will Your Business Look Like When More Clients Seek YOU Out?


What Will It MEAN To Your Family To See MORE Of Them?


What TEAM CULTURE Will You Create To ATTRACT The Best Candidates?

When You’re Far More Profitable, Less Stressed, and Fully Yourself in Business…

You Get 6 Jam-Packed Modules Which Include …

Overcoming Superman Sydrome

Module 1

* Vision for your business – It’s not just a Job.
* How to get out of your own way and achieve results.
* 4 Immediate strategies to use that will increase your profits NOW!

Fill My Pipeline

Module 2

* Achieving predictable cashflow .
* Filling your pipeline with quality leads & work.
* Building the sales & marketing plan for you and your team to achieve this…. It doesn’t stop there, you’ll have activities to complete DAILY!

Where’s My Money?

Module 3

* How to achieve Money Mastery – The key points .
* KPI’s, targets & reporting structures to keep your business growing .
* Eliminating cash gaps, growing pains and maximising cashflow!

The Dream Team

Module 2

* Building & maintaining an unstoppable team – Recruitment in the digital age.
* Defining the culture & rules of the game for team accountability .
* Enhance engagement & productivity for profit.

Keeping Your Head In High Growth Mode

Module 5

* Overcoming the fact you are successful.
* Decision making with Win/Win results.
* RICHuals you can implement to continue growing.
Building a legacy & vision for your business.

Leverage And Building Your Wealth

Module 6

* Finding the best structure for your continued wealth creation.
* Aligning investment strategies with personal goals .
* Assets, acquisitions & mergers to leverage further profit growth.

Plus 2 Bonus Modules ….

Duplicating Your Business

Bonus Module 1

* Leverage YOUR success in multiple locations.
* Checklist for duplication with the next ACTIONSteps to take!
* Bigger results from proven methods & systems.

Selling Your Business For Maximum Profit

Bonus Module 2

* Preparation for selling/succession .
* Checklist & process for getting a valuation on your business, improving that valuation & the costs involved in selling your business.
* Where to sell your business.

Enroll in The Osmium Program and start generating leads today!

What You’ll Get:


Lifetime Membership Access


6 Online Growth Modules to Transform Your Business


2 x Bonus Modules Dedicated To Duplicating & Selling Your Business


Live Weekly Q&A Session


Access To Mastermind Facebook Group


Direct Email Access


6 X 1-2-1 Private Coaching Sessions With Wayne Cohen


How was this course created?

Dave and Linda were one of the first clients that came on board with Wayne. He worked with them on a weekly basis and transformed their earthmoving business into a multi-million dollar a year company. Wayne wanted to do the same for earthmoving business owners all over the world but realised he obviously could not do that in person, so he transformed his in person coaching into an online program to deliver his results worldwide.

Who is this program for?

If you are an earthmoving business owner struggling to keep their business under control, than this program is for you. This is the first step in growing your business, increasing profit and becoming more successful.

What if I need more help?

As part of the program you get direct access to Wayne via email and also a weekly 1 hour personal coaching session where you can discuss anything you like.

What is your refund policy?

We do not provide refunds for this program. The information is proven to work over and over again for those who implement it. If you don’t implement it, we cannot be responsible for your lack of results. If you don’t plan on actually doing anything with the program, we suggest you don’t buy it.

Enroll in The Osmium Program and start generating leads today!